Lynne Spears Book Doesn't Change Media Perspective on Husband, Jamie Spears

In a previous post I suggested Youtubers and Bloggers to read Lynne Spears book, "Through the Storm". The book is a personal account of the trials and tribulations of the Spears family. Despite the fact that Lynne describes her husbands struggles with alcoholism and how he was able to overcome, even if it didn't last forever, it's label that is not easily undone. In the book Lynne tells about a 6 year period before Jamie Lynne was born where he was a perfect husband. They did divorce in 2000, but people seem to disregard the fact that they remarried in 2010. One active Britney Youtuber, Sloan, whose tagline is "I expose the truth, with love". Okay. Mr. Sloan managed to read the book, but it didn't change his perspective on Britney's father and I don't feel a lot of love coming from this guy. He's adorable, but completely not fair to the Spears family.

It's completely tragic the things people say about this man. If they only knew what he really has done for his daughter they would stick their foot down their own throat, I hope.

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