Jamie lynn Spears Fan Not a Fan

The whole fam damnly is coming out and I'm not sure they should. YouTube Channel, "Jamie Lynn Spears Fan" calls Jamie's "Meet and Greet" live stream a dumpster fire, and I think they nailed it. What on earth makes Jamie Lynn think the world wants to know her cornbread recipe? She wasn't that specific, but if keeping up with the Britney Spears rabbit hole means we have to endure goings on of Britney's "sister", I will have to make sure I have no sharp objects near me when I do. A fork in my eye would be a pleasant reprieve while watching her videos.

I don't know what's going on with this clan, and this Jamie Lynn is oddly devoid personality, which you would not expect from a person whose sister is Britney Spears. This girl traveled the world before she was 16, one would expect her to have more depth than this. I don't get it, do you? I'm not a huge fan of country, but I enjoy her songs, nice voice, but odd.

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