Did Anyone Read Lynne Spears' Book?

Full disclosure, I have worried about Britney for years and only recently decided that I aught to read her book. As they say, if you want to know, read the book! Britney and her mom penned a few books, the first of which was the 2001 novel, "A Mother's Gift", where they co-wrote a story about young girls' strife. Lynne Spears went solo in 2008 and wrote "Through the Storm", which, I suppose, is also a novel. I would not refer to it as an autobiography and interestingly, neither did Lynne. Instead, the subtitle of the book is "A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World." It's a story alright, with quite a bit of mystery and intrigue between the lines.

If you haven't read it, but you are you are on Youtube bashing Britney and her family, please go to Amazon right now and get a copy of the book. Immediately! I mean it; because the trash talking going on about this poor family is beyond pathetic. Between the so-called "Free Britney Movement" and the adorable twenty something Youtubers building a career off bashing the Spears family, the Spears resurrection is turning into the same train wreck that sent them into hiding in 2008.

I'm not a member of the Free-Britney movement, but when I do look at what goes on, it looks equally as fake as many other staged protests that have plagued our politics over the last few years. Glad they didn't recycle those pussy hats from the #metoo movement. That's all I'll say about "Free-Britney" for the moment, because this post is about what Lynne Spears wrote in her book.

In fairness, anyone who wants to talk about this family should take the effort to learn about them directly. Anyone who would, will learn that Britney's father isn't that asshole scab the media portrays him to be. In fact, nothing in the media about the Spears family is an accurate reflection of reality. Lynne describes her husband as a good man worthy of her who had an issue with alcohol sporadically through the years. They actually remarried in 2010, which speaks volumes.

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